My name is Max, I grew up in a suburbia area around Fort Lauderdale Florida. I have an amazing family with the exception of a tainted relationship with my father. We simply do not connect. I had a normal childhood which was filled with tackle football and making new friends along the way. When I was in high school, I participated in the occasional vice and party. On rare occasions I would experience psychedelics, but my ego was too toxic to fully comprehend the power they can have towards your life. 

         Fast forward to 4 months after graduating high school and I was in the United States Navy Bootcamp participating in a Special Operation candidate course. I left football behind to chase something I felt would really challenge me as an individual (ego). After 3.5 months of freezing my Floridian ass off, I made it to the silver sandy beaches of Coronado. Here is when everything in my world got flipped upside down. After a month of trying to handle the training in Coronado, I gave up. I quit and was at the needs of the Navy. This made me even more furious, I was a 19-year-old who thought the world owed me something. They tried to give me a job sweeping and painting the ship, but I just was not having it. I wanted out and I wanted out fast. 6 months later I am back into the civilian world starting out at ground zero to build myself after a wretched attempt to reach my goals. I destroyed my own dreams, for it is not up to anybody but yourself to create the path you are destined for. I came out with an honorable discharge, but I just had a very sour taste in my mouth. So, I had to go prove myself once again. 

         I signed up for a Registered Nursing course that would only take 2 years to complete at Fortis University. This is where things began to turn around. Many of my pre-requisite courses were led by Professor Nancy J. Cox. This woman could explain the human body in ways that would leave me in shock and awe. I felt so compelled to learn about the human body and what makes it work or self-destruct. This led me to discovering what was wrong with my own body and how I could fix it. Nursing school stressors made me such a miserable person. I would eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Eventually, it caught up to me. I developed insulin-resistance and had some serious inflammation from fluid in my joints, specifically my lower back. I could not workout for even ten minutes. Let alone sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. I was not alive. After fixing my diet regimen somewhat I continued to fluctuate. I was on the hunt for something that I felt could naturally heal me. (Not medication)

          A year into nursing school I take a life changing road trip to Utah. The beauty of nature was unreal. I was completely sober for the entire trip but I felt like I was constantly high on natures ethereal presence. I thought to myself, is there anything that could top Utah’s beauty? Well mother nature laughed and told me to buckle up bitch. Soon after the trip I was looking into natural remedies to really lock my diet regimen in. Specifically, I felt like depression and anxiety were a major issue I needed to control before my diet (lol I know nutrition is what was making me depressed). I started looking up natural remedies to fix my auto-immune disorder. Luckily, I encountered an article on how Psilocybin mushrooms can help people with the symptoms I was experiencing. It just so happened I was in psilocybin mushroom territory, the Treasure Coast region of Florida. I could not grow mushrooms because I failed miserably 3 times in a row. Knowing that Cubensis was mainly found in cow dung, off to the pastures I went, to lose my mind, and find my soul. After roughly 25 miles of coverage in a time span of 2 weeks,.I found what I was looking for. Nearly 15 minutes from my home in Port Saint Lucie. Jackpot. The image below to the left is me during a field hunt with a buddy. It was not fun hiding from farmers and field workers but the excitement and joy of finding these Cubensis mushrooms made it that much more worth it. 

150 grams (weight wet) of harvest with my buddy TD taking the picture

         I immediately consumed my first harvest. The below image was probably around 3 to 4 grams dried. I was so scared to eat them, so I made sure to take all the precautions on identifying psilocybin mushrooms. Once I had done my own observations, I shared my findings with professional mycologists in my community mycological society. The amount of effort and risk I took to find these was astounding. The reward was ever so great, and it made the experience that much more healing. I was overcome with so much happiness and took myself outside where the intricacy of nature overtook me. THIS TOPPED UTAH AND I WAS IN MY HOME STATE ALL ALONG. The beauty she engulfed me with made a tear come to my eye. The wind trickled down my spine and sent me into a complete understanding of what I needed to do. Find more of these unbelievable fungi medicines to share them with the people around me. It made me unbelievably happy and more understanding of my body every time I consumed this medicine. These fungi came from the Earth and have not been trifled with by the human hand. This was light in the form of a mushroom, It is pure and has given me so much.

First time discovering Psilocybe Cubensis in the Wild

         My depression and anxiety were nearly gone after 2-3 trips of psilocybin mushrooms. Everything that had bothered me before had no existence in my life. The countless failures are referred to as lessons. I decided that I WILL be in control of my thoughts and happiness. I was on a journey of self-love and discovering who I truly am. While learning about proper human nutrition, I came about the carnivore/keto diet and it made me realize so many things that I disagree with our food today. In addition, it cured all my auto-immune disorders. I drastically lowered my carb intake and felt significantly better. I was very lean and in amazing shape. The fungi and clean diet were making me into a new person.

Lost 25 pounds circa Oct. 2019

         I became adept at foraging for psychedelic mushrooms. It might seem like I got out of hand. But Mother Nature provides everything we need for sustenance. Every time I ventured to my spot, the mushrooms would bless me with a plentiful load. I had become so great at identifying I did not need the second opinion of my peers. In the Psychedelic community, finding mushrooms in nature is very sacred. It is almost like being blessed from mother nature itself. The mushroom chose me. To be able to venture out into the open world and find such a fruit body to consume is truly a skill that we have lost in today’s society. That goes for any consumable plant/fungi.

Just two separate harvests of my many field excursions during mushroom season

          I eventually realized I wasn’t even scratching the surface of what was to come. My obsession became a passion and I prized myself on discovering Psilocybe Cubensis in its most natural form the universe has granted us. I had met a very old dead-head in the western part of where I was residing. This old man just happened to have seen my craigslist post about wanting to hang out around cows and he knew the lingo I was speaking. I brought a gun when I went to go meet him just incase things got weird, remember this is Florida. To my great surprise, he was full of smiles and his field was full of mushrooms. 

         One of the more potent strains I was finding was Panaeolus Cyanescens. These initiated another 180-degree change to my thought process. I started micro-dosing these fungi because they were just unbelievable in terms of power and energy. I was working out on half grams of psilocybin and I felt like a completely different animal. I adopted submission grappling after a heavy trip realizing I had no sure idea on how to defend myself. Micro dosing in MMA is highly recommended. I think that’s why I’m decent for only training for 4-5 months OSSSS. After 8 months of consistently micro-dosing I felt as if it was time to stop. I gained the ability to cultivate these specimens in the lab. The supply for self-medication was nearly endless. I offered my medicine to people and to produce the same results I received from mushrooms. 

           I would like to imagine myself as a medicine man in his early stages of development. I am 21 and I have so much more to learn. After 2 months of not taking mushrooms and being in Nursing school something just clicked. My mind, soul, and spirit were not wanting to ride the path of being a medical professional. I realized (through psychedelic mushrooms) that the medical industry does not work to heal people in the way I believe in. We constantly over-medicate and offer a pill instead of changing a patient’s lifestyle. With mother nature and her plant medicines alluring me, I decided I did not want to partake in big pharma and the methods they practice. I want to help people change their lives by healing their body via natural means of plants and clean foods. 

          Present day I am residing in Port Saint Lucie working an honest job of community maintenance. I am practicing my outdoor gardening skills and trying my darn best to be a good example. It ain’t much but it is real honest work. After a long day I can look back and say I did something for a community. I am strictly only writing this to give you my perspective of how I think Psilocybin changed my life. Even though I might have failed many things I have attempted in my short time, I know that my path is not even close to being destined. I have so much to learn about the human body and what makes it work. I love nature and the medicine she provides us. Mushrooms have most definitely changed my paradigm and I am so glad they did. I have discovered what truly matters to me and I could not be happier. I intend on growing this medicine in the future when the time is right. This is only the beginning. I appreciate you taking your time to read this. It is my journey and I wanted to share the things I have experienced that have really changed me as a person. I encourage you to start living a healthier lifestyle and being out in nature more. This is what truly makes us human. Being in contact with the Mother, and feeling her embrace every time we step outdoors.