Premium Pre-Poured Agar Plates



The Perfect Add-On To Your Spores

Pre-pours are the perfect add-on for any spore prints on the site. Click on any product to learn more!

The saying “You are what you eat” is especially true for fungi. That’s why successful mushroom cultivation begins with exceptional base ingredients. When it comes to our agar media, we make no compromises: every ingredient is organic, sourced with care and discretion, prepared with love, and guaranteed 100% sterile.

Specially formulated for dung-loving mushroom species, our plates support the entire fungal life cycle, from spore germination to the final spawn transfer. We use more than 40 different ingredients, including Bas organic gelidium agar, organic castings from our own worms, organic manure from pasture-fed Eeyore and Yeehaw, hardwood charcoal homemade from French Oak wine barrel staves, and nearly every common type of grain and substrate, plus many of the micro-nutrients other recipes lack. The result is unparalleled metabolic vigor, lightning-fast leap-off, and rapid recovery from senescence.

Try ITW pre-pours and experience mycelial growth like you’ve never seen before.