A laminar flow hood, or clean bench, is an enclosed box that prevents airborne contamination when performing laboratory research. Flow hoods are designed to provide uniform HEPA-filtered air flow across your work area. 

All of our laminar flow hoods will elevate your mushroom research setup by providing optimal airflow and sterile conditions for microscopy work. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional mycologist, our range of flow hood sizes ensure consistent results and minimizes contamination risks, allowing you to focus on maximizing your workflow and the quality of your spores. Invest in the ultimate mycology tool for successful mushroom research and take your skills to new heights.

InoculateTheWorld flow hoods are all 100% made in the USA, including the filters, metal housing, and the electronics inside.

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ITW Laminar Flow Hood Specifications

Our premium selection of laminar flow hoods are all equipped with a H14 HEPA Filter Efficiency of 99.999% @ 0.3um that cleans air and directs it toward your sensitive working area at a constant speed. This will prevent airborne contamination of particle sensitive objects such as spores and other mycology or laboratory samples. 

We offer three sizes of laminar flow hoods:
  • 4x2 ft
  • 3x2 ft
  • 2x2 ft
Our largest size, 4x2 ft creates the most spacious sterile working environment, while our smallest sized, 2x2 ft is the most portable flow hood we carry, making it easy to perform mycology research in a small environment like an apartment or even on-the-go. 

Our three sizes are all technically horizontal flow hoods, but they can also be mounted vertically. Horizontal laminar flow hoods provide clean airflow that flows parallel to your working surface, making for less disturbances. Another benefit is that you’re able to position your sterile materials closer to the filter face, and therefore are upstream from additional potential contaminants.

All of our flow hoods have three-speed air velocity capabilities. That way, you always have the correct amount of airflow for any project that requires a sterile working environment.

  • Hi – 120 FPM
  • Medium – 100 FPM
  • Low – 80 FPM

Standard Features

    • Powerful Dual Motor Backward Centrifugal Fans
    • 110V Single Phase AC Motor with Three-Position Speed Control
    • Power Consumption 550 watts 4.4 amps
    • Aluminum Backward-curved Centrifugal Fan
    • Replaceable HEPA Filter & Pre-filters
    • 20 Gauge Steel Sheet Metal Housing with Glossy White Epoxy Powder Coat Finish
    • 8ft Power Cord with USA Standard plug with ground
    • Solid Stainless Steel Pull Handles

Flowhood Filter Specifications

We also sell flow hood filters in the same sizes as our state of the art ITW exclusive laminar flow hoods. Our filters are the industry-leading HEPA filters that ensure an ultra-sterile environment by capturing 99.995% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Every HEPA filter is individually scan tested for leaks and airborne particulates that bypass the filter to guarantee the filter meets the removal efficiency required for EN1822:2019 classification.

Filter Sizes:
    • 2x2 ft ITW HEPA Filter
    • 3x2 ft ITW HEPA Filter
    • 4x2 ft ITW HEPA Filter
All H14 HEPA Filters consist of an aluminum alloy frame with micro fiberglass paper media filters. Their resistance is 0.682 IWG @ 10300CFM. 

Flow Hood Pre-Filters

We also carry pre-filters for flow hoods. Pre-filters are the first stage of the filtration process in a laminar flow hood. Typically, they are placed on the outside of the blower fan to remove large particles like dust, hair, and other debris from the air before it reaches the main HEPA filter. Pre-filters help to extend the life of the main HEPA filter, the blower motor, and other essential parts of the machine helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Our laminar flow hood pre-filters are G4 Pleated and made of an Aluminum Alloy Frame and Polyester Media. They operate at G4 90% @ 3.0µm efficiency.

We carry 2 sizes:
    • Prefilter that fits 3x2 & 4x2
    • Prefilter that fits 2x2

Why choose ITW Flow Hoods 

Reliable, durable, and made in the U.S. While much of the sterile air equipment on the market is made abroad, 100% of our flow hoods are made here in the U.S. to ensure clean air standards. Our flow hoods were created by hobby mycologists and citizen scientists who were tired of high-cost low quality lab equipment and knew they could create something superior for all hobbyists to enjoy.

Shop an ITW exclusive flowhood, mycology enthusiast will be impressed. All in-stock flow hoods, flow hood filters, and pre-filters are available for immediate shipment. If you’re ready to upgrade your research set-up and invest in a flow hood, choose InoculateTheWorld laminar flow hoods or email our customer support team with any questions you may have.