Mycology Supplies

Mycology supplies from InoculateTheWorld are here to support your journey into spore research. We only carry the highest quality mycology and microscopy supplies, including syringes, needles, glass microscopy slides, and impulse sealers. Whether you’re a hobby mycologist or professional researcher, our mycology supplies and tools will help you perform at your best. Take your mushroom research to the next level with our curated batch of mycology supplies.

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Why Choose Microscopy and Mycology Supplies from ITW

At InoculateTheWorld, we are dedicated to helping mycologists of all levels perform their very best research with our mycology supplies. It not only helps our customer’s workflow, but benefits the entire mushroom community when our mycology and microscopy supplies support advancements in the world of spores. That’s why we carry 10cc Syringes W/ 18ga needles, 18ga 1.5in luer lock Needles, a 16 Inch Hand Operated Impulse Sealer, and Microscopy Slides. So the research performed by our loyal customers can benefit the entire world.

As a team, we have years of combined experience in all aspects of mycology and microscopy, as well as foraging and cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Therefore, we only share the mycology supplies and tools we ourselves use and think could benefit other researchers. We are honored to share our knowledge with you all and will continue doing so as we continue to learn and make advancements in this important field.

Mycology Supplies

Mycology supplies are essential to learning about spores. They are also crucial when learning about cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, or Amanita Muscaria.

If you’ve read our How to Grow Lion’s Mane grow guide, you know that impulse sealers are an important part of growing gourmet mushrooms from scratch.

That’s why we carry our exclusive 16″ Hand Operated Impulse Sealer, which has:
  • 8mm Seal
  • Uses a 120V 60hz with USA Standard plug
  • Made of White Aluminum Housing

Microscopy Supplies

Microscopy supplies are an important part of learning about spores for all levels of researchers.

That’s why we carry: 
  • 10cc Syringes W/ 18ga needles (5 pack)
  • 18ga 1.5in luer lock Needles (Pack of five)
  • Microscopy Slides
Syringes, needles, and glass slides are important microscopy supplies because they allow you to view spores under a microscope for inspection. These tools greatly aid mushroom taxonomy efforts as well as spore research.

If you’re ready to upgrade your research set-up and invest in new microscopy supplies, choose InoculateTheWorld or email our customer support team with any questions you may have. 

Get the most out of your spore research and shop our premier microscopy and mycology supplies today!