Penis Envy Isolated Spore Syringe

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Penis Envy is a cubensis mutant in a sense, reigning as one of the most sought after mushrooms today. Unlike most cubensis which have thin, hollow stems, the penis envy throws massive, solid stemmed fruits that truly are in a class of their own. The stems have a dense marshmallow feel to them, bruising deeply blue when handled. The gills of the PE mushroom are more comparable to that of a chanterelle than a cubensis. It produces spores, however they do not drop dense spore loads, and must be swabbed for access. PE is an extremely potent cubensis sub strain, generally regarded as 3-5 times in strength to a strain such as Golden Teacher.


 Isolated Syringe

 Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether you are just starting out, or are an advanced mycologist, our Penis Envy Isolated syringes are a must have for your collection! Why buy these spores from ITW vs another site? 

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We are proud to finally offer one of the most requested items of all time, the penis envy magic mushroom strain. Syringes are filled to 12cc and sealed with parafilm for extra protection. 

Origin: PE was discovered by a Seattle mycologist who went by the name “Rich Gee”, Or “RG”. RG discovered penis envy by accident when he was cloning aborts of an Amazon flush. He was attracted to the deep bluing the aborts put off, accompanied by their high potency. In a recent interview with Rich Gee, Hamilton Morris exposes truths to the mysterious past of penis envy, in a well spoken and engaging hour long interview. Click the link below for the full interview!

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29 reviews for Penis Envy Isolated Spore Syringe

  1. colbygt80

    I am so glad someone recommended this site to me. I’ve ordered 5 different strains and so far this one in particular has been the fastest colonizer. I couldn’t be happier with everything I’ve gotten from ITW.

  2. k60mods

    It works!

  3. raymondhebrard11

    Visible growth within 24 hrs which just half of a syringe.

  4. bowersevan42

    fast shipping and i saw growth using popcorn with in 24 hours 2 days later and im super impressed on how fast its growing also see growth in the uncl bens bags after 3 days using 3cc

  5. jjaldrid199

    Great product, tested on agar before inoculated and less then 2 days later the mycelium had already spread. Will be buying again!

  6. irizofy

    Another amazing genetic from ITW. Inoculation 2 days ago and it’s already colonizing so fast. I will NEVER order genetics from anywhere else.

  7. markusharris57

    Love these guys i got way more bang for my buck i ordered spores and got LC will be shopping again

  8. sonnybrasco12

    Nicely potent strain. Beautiful fruit and was a clean syringe.

  9. sonnybrasco12

    Nicely potent strain. Beautiful fruit and was a clean syringe.

  10. irizofy

    Ordered again because of how strong/robust this strain is from ITW. The success we have had from this is almost unreal. Got my new shipment 2 days after ordering and 2 days after inoculation, it’s colonizing crazy fast. Always a pleasure dealing with ITW

  11. karl747

    ITW is great two to three day and its running like crazy. For my success it is always ITW!

  12. Joseph Staley

    Damn!!! This is beautiful, it’s gonna be a fun one to research. ITW never disappoints!!

  13. Ryan Armstrong

    Wow! Talk about fast colonization! Visible growth within a day or two I wouldn’t go anywhere else ITW is the real deal!

  14. Zachary Latif

    Noc’ed up on Sept 1.
    Spawn 2 Bulk on Sept 15.
    Switching to fruiting in less than a week!

    This has colonized quickly. Very pleased!

  15. monkeybusiness

    Received now 5 days ago, Inoculated on 5th and is already showing such aggressive growth, fastest I’ve ever seen!! This is my first time ordering from ITW, and will now always be using this site. Planning on P. natalasis and Jedi Mind Fucks. Can’t wait!!!

  16. John Drenner

    super clean and to my surprise i got LC! it colonizes super fast break and shake after 2 weeks highly recommended

  17. Matthew Morgan

    I’m 100% satisfied. I vow to never buy spores anywhere else but ITW!! Keep up the amazing work and thank you!!

  18. Coco

    Believe the hype.

  19. Robert Brown

    Very strong sample. The isolated syringes are the best spores I’ve purchased anywhere. Definitely the gold standard as far as spore syringes.

  20. Alex

    amazing product thank you so much, ordering more and much love to you and to all

  21. Robert Brown

    Super strong and clean specimen. Second order of the iso PE and just picked up the iso TW. Second to none and the only shop I come to. Tried a couple other shops in the past and learned my lesson…fool me once…

  22. dawes.troy

    Shipping was super fast. Super Thanks to the staff at ITW.

  23. dawes.troy

    I’m so glad I bought this PE from ITW. This was my first time growing! I bought 2 all in one bags from North Spore and a 3lb grain bag & 2 bags of manure & one of those rubber blow-up mono tubs. I inoculated all 3 and did break & shake after about 12 days and they were fully colonized in a little under a month. During the next 3 weeks, I had fruits that ranged from 5 inches to 7 inches long with beautiful brown caps. After 1st flush, I dehydrated them and got over two ounces of dried PE. The second flush is growing now! This is the first time and only place I will order spores from! incredible genetics! Thanks Guys! can’t wait to start APE…

  24. Paul James

    I am madly impressed and will be getting more pe. 10/10

  25. Skyler Combs

    I’m still new to this, but I haven’t had a syringe from anywhere research this fast.

  26. dawes.troy

    I’ve been a mycologist for the past 18 years and ITW has the best spores I’ve seen in a long time!

  27. Paul James

    Update and I don’t know where to begin! At this point only thing I can say is Monstrosity! Just f’in Monstrosities! patience is all. 30/10 10 stars

  28. Paul James

    Update and I don’t know where to begin! At this point only thing I can say is Monstrosity! Just f’in Monstrosities! patience is all. 30/10 10 stars

  29. Paul James

    16g from one of the smaller fruits! F’in monstrosities!!!!

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