T.A.M. stands for True Albino Melmac. A one-of-a-kind cubensis, Melmac has for years been a favorite among mycologists. We are pleased to release to you for the first time, a stabilized albino isolation.

"Spores Have Sprung" Spring Collectors Box

Spring Forward With Spores with this brand new spring 2021 collectors box

ITW Spore Syringes

Our spore syringes are made using high quality 10CC syringes. These can be sterilized and reused. Needles come factory wrapped and sterile. Made in front of a scanned, 99.99% efficient HEPA filter. These units screen out all airborne contaminants down to .3 microns with a guaranteed efficiency of 99.99%. These filters are used throughout the microbiological industry and by computer manufacturers, nuclear laboratories, photographers, and anywhere else clean air is a must. 

"When It Rains It Spores" Shirt

A rendition of the Chicago based company dear to many of our hearts, this is our take on the Mortons Salt Girl. When it rains, it spores!

Jedi Mind Fuck (JMF) Spore Print

A Myco Joe original. JMF is one of the most unique cubensis isolations of today. Fun fact: We have seen a single dried JMF fruit weigh up to 30 grams.

Microscopy Spores

Explore it, learn something new. And where it’s legal, order it.

Tosahatchee Spore Print

Tosahatchee is a wild Psilocybe Cubensis originally collected by InoculateTheWest in the cattle fields of Central Florida. It’s name Tosahatchee comes from the region it was collected. These spores come from the first domesticated grow of the wild specimen. Basidium Equilibrium found these to be an extremely rewarding strain to work, and the potency to be beyond any Cubensis he’s experienced (MORE POTENT THAN APE).  We are grateful and proud to present to you, Psilocybe Cubensis Tosahatchee. 

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Spores are one of the most fascinating things on earth, and we are lucky enough to live during a time…


Glass slides are the lab-standard for storing spores for microscopic viewing. By trapping spores…


With certain strains having a spore drop percentage of about 5%, these strains are near impossible…


Flower mimic

On a collection trip to Guyana in 2006, botanist Kenneth Wurdack was strolling along an airstrip at Kaieteur National Park when he noticed something unusual about the flowers on two species of yellow-eyed grasses. Unlike the species’ typical blooms, they were a more...

Epiphytes: the Inside Scoop

ICE WATER EXTRACTION (Blue Juice)Fungi are everywhere—they grow in the soil, in petri dishes, and if we’re not careful, on the fruit in the back of the fridge. But did you know it can grow inside plants too? Yes, really! Of course, there are fungal pathogens, which...

What’s in your Chocolates?

The purpose of this post is to bring awareness and educate on harm reduction. We do not take any responsibility for any harm that comes from this knowledge. This is the opinion of a writer. Please don’t try this at home.    Cannabis users have probably heard of...


June 22nd 2020, It was a warm summer day. Drew had been searching relentlessly for hours in cow fields neighboring the extremely diverse and robust Tosohatchee wildlife area in Florida. Long ago, Drew learned to follow the cubensis indulging cattle egrets. The egrets’...

30+Gram LGT and GT journey

The day started with my friend coming over around 6 PM, we decided to eat some mushrooms. I had 2 1/2 g and he had one. We split a beer and then had one other in addition to a 300mg edible, I could feel it all coming on as he left around 730. I then felt the need as...

Mushroom Bills Filed In Florida And Connecticut As Movement Expands To Multiple States

Lawmakers in Connecticut and Florida have filed new bills to reform state laws on psilocybin mushrooms—the latest in a trend of psychedelics proposals to emerge in 2021. Rep. Michael Grieco (D) filed the Florida legislation on Thursday, which would establish a legal...

“I Went To The Dentist On Mushrooms” By: Colin Wells

The dentist adjusts the set and setting of his drill. My teeth are numb but my body, mind and soul feel it all. I’ve eaten two grams of albino penis envy (APES) mushrooms and I’m about to get fillings. Dentist calls me an interesting guy. He has no idea how...

ITW Collab – Mycoheterotrophy

Sarcodes sanguinea photocred: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sarcodes_sanguinea_-_Flickr_003.jpgMycoheterotrophic Parasitism BY: @C_Y_SPAM In school, we’re taught that plants make their own food from carbon dioxide, water, and energy from the sun thanks to a...

Fly Killer Fungi

Two newly discovered fungi species have a similarly macabre mode of action: They eat flies alive while using them to drop spores on new victims. The related species, Strongwellsea tigrinae and Strongwellsea acerosa, attack the fly species Coenosia tigrina and Coenosia...

ITW Collab – Orchids

Photo: Joey Santore (pogonia ophioglossoides)Orchids + Funguses By: C_Y_Spam If you can believe it, until about the 60’s, the scientific community considered the immense world of fungi to be a mere offshoot of the plant kingdom. Though we now know much more about the...