Gourmet & Medicinal Liquid Cultures

Gourmet mushroom liquid culture syringes are the best way to grow and study medicinal and gourmet mushroom varieties. Unlike spore syringes which contain mushroom spores, liquid mushroom cultures are actually tiny pieces of gourmet mushroom mycelium suspended in our exclusive signature 12-ingredient liquid formula to maximize growth and yields. 

Each one of our gourmet mushroom strains has been hand selected by our team as the strongest phenotype of each sample to provide the most rigorous liquid culture. That allows us to provide only the strongest, highest-yielding and fastest mushroom genetics on the market. 

There are many benefits of buying gourmet mushroom liquid culture from InoculateTheWorld. For one, liquid cultures are more resistant to bacteria and other types of infections. 

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ITW Liquid Culture Specifications

Our expansive gourmet and medicinal strain library includes liquid cultures of the following mushrooms: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps Militaris, Amanita Muscaria, three different types of Reishi including Reishi Lingzhi, Oregon Reishi and Bronze Reishi, five different types of Oyster mushrooms including Golden Oysters, King Oysters, Pink Oysters, Blue Oysters, and Pearl Oysters, Maitake, Morella Rufobrunnea (Blushing Morel), Chestnut Mushrooms, Black Poplar mushrooms, Wine caps, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail.

  Our liquid mushroom cultures all use 12cc luer-lok syringes and include one 1.5in 16ga needle for injecting into substrate or other laboratory use. InoculateTheWorld liquid cultures all contain 12cc of peak isolated mycelium for robust and consistent growth. As always, all our gourmet mushroom spores and cultures are guaranteed to be clean and viable, and to provide the highest quality of well-curated genetics.

  All gourmet liquid cultures contain 12cc of peak isolated mycelium for robust and consistent growth.


How Our Gourmet Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringes Are Made

  The real benefit of buying a liquid culture over a spore syringe is the robust nature of our liquid mushroom cultures, which is the result of how they are made. We don’t produce liquid culture from any old piece of mycelium, but instead, we’re super selective about the specific strains of mycelium we choose, prioritizing the fastest, most rigorous and the thickest pieces. Then, we’ll take those tiny super strands and grow them out until we have a totally pure sample that’s 100 percent symmetrical from the middle, indicating that it’s a true clone. 

It’s the next step of our gourmet mushroom liquid culture process, however, that really makes our liquid cultures stand out from the rest of the market. Most other mushroom brands sell liquid culture to liquid culture transfers, but the more you do that, the more the organism is degraded due to a process known as senescence. It essentially depletes the rigor of that sample. So instead, we always brew every batch of liquid culture from a fresh dish, and only produce small batches of 50 syringes at a time.

When we’re brewing those fresh dishes of liquid mushroom cultures, that’s when we really get creative here at InoculateTheWorld. Because, instead of brewing our liquid cultures with a typical broth of sugar and water for the media like every other spore store out there, we’ve created a special exclusive recipe to ensure our liquid cultures are the most rigorous on the market. Therefore, instead of using sugar (because what mushroom consumes sugar?), we introduce the mycelium strands to a special blend of about 12 high-nitrogen ingredients that mushrooms actually consume, including manure, sawdust, rye, milo, corn and others.

Benefits of Liquid Mushroom Cultures

Because of our signature 12-ingredient liquid culture formula, we are genetically training our mushroom cultures before they even get into the hands of our customers. Similar to acclimated a new pet goldfish by placing the entire plastic bag in the tank so the water temperature can adjust and the fish can become acclimated to its environment, our gourmet mushroom liquid cultures are also acclimating to the environment our customers will likely put them in with our unique 12-ingredient liquid culture media blend. 

Although the process involved for liquid cultures is more complicated, the concept is the same: We’re feeding these nascent strands of mycelium materials we know it’s likely to come into contact with, so it’s happy and ready to go when it’s injected into substrate or agar rather than surprised and threatened. 

Therefore, when our customers are ready to introduce their liquid culture into either grow bags filled with substrate or their own agar plates, our liquid cultures come alive extremely quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. In fact, the mycelium starts spreading so fast that we have tons of emails and customer reviews about it—some people even think it’s mold at first because it happens so much quicker than liquid cultures purchased from other spore stores!

If you’d like to learn more about our quality control process and how our products are made, check out our blog. We cover all the most important issues about our products, so our customers always know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase their gourmet mushroom spores and liquid cultures from InoculateTheWorld. That also includes information on how to grow Lion’s Mane and other types of wood-loving culinary or medicinal mushrooms! We’ve narrowed down the whole process into 9 easy-to-follow steps so you can grow your own culinary mushrooms completely from scratch using only our liquid mushroom cultures and other supplies you can source locally.

Buy gourmet mushroom liquid culture syringes today in one of our robust varieties, absolutely free of contamination! We’ll exceed your expectations, guaranteed!