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Wholesale Opportunities


White Label: We know many companies wish to build their own brand around their new products. For this reason, we offer white labeled products. This means you can buy our spores and say they are your own work! With no attachments after the sale besides matching our retail price, white label products are perfect for any creative branding minds.

Branded: Alternatively, we know many of our clients companies want the name InoculateTheWest behind their products. We are proud to say there is true buying power that comes with the InoculateTheWest name and brand. To this end, we offer our syringes pre-labeled with our in-house graphics and designs. 

Pre-Made Product Descriptions and Photography: Here at InoculateTheWest we pride ourselves in being one of the leading resources for mushroom strain history. The unique photos and compelling stories behind each of these strains are fascinating. Stand above the rest when you work with us, and have access to all our pre-made product descriptions and exceptional fruit photos. 

Grow With Us: InoculateTheWest is constantly growing to ensure we have met the demands of every customer in this industry. Join us as we work to provide exceptional customer service, breakthrough products, and an ever expanding library of unique genetics for the world.

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