Are Mycorrhiza Additives Right for You?

Written by ITW

December 30, 2020

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between plants and fungus, a relationship every single plant in nature relies on and benefits from. Mycorrhiza fungus is filament like in structure, it can be thinner than hair or as thick as spaghetti, spanning several square millimeters in size to several square miles. Without these funguses most plants will not be able to take up water, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, and many other nutrients… No chance of survival. Without the plant most species of mycorrhiza would no longer be able to exist, as they no longer have the ability to produce sugars or perform respiration and break carbon out of its bonds for fixation.

Why would a species evolve not to be self sufficient? Because together they can thrive much longer and healthier lives in this symbiosis, they no longer have to devote the energy or genetic codes to make the things the other can provide. So why should this matter to you? If you’ve ever gardened, you’ll know that no-till gardens always outperform those that are tilled due to the breaking of hyphal connections. If you’ve ever grown greens in a pot you’ll know that they always perform better in the ground or with fungal additives directly to the roots. You’ll know that with the right nutrients outdoor gardens will always give you better yields, even if you had it under all synthetic lighting.

So when should you use a mycorrhiza additive? Whenever you are growing with non-myco-active or “sterile” soil. The extended answer is that the more species you can add the better. Every plant has developed its own network of species that it has co-evolved with,  getting as many species of fungus or just the right combo could greatly improve the success of your plants. Any store bought myco-additive put directly onto the roots should work out great.  The best place to start every time though is to just use living soil. There are several companies that have great products but starting your own compost and “culturing” your own little compost colony of fungus is the cheapest and most sustainable way to get your plants looking one hundred ten percent.

Taking a break from soils next posts but already have a couple started so dont be too sad. We will be getting dirty again soon 🙂

Where you go for spores.

Explore it, learn something new. And where it’s legal, order it.

Costa Rica (Arenal Volcano) Spore Print

A unique Cubensis first collected by LJ on the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. These are the F2 grow by BAS. Expect great and unique variation from these. Third photo is of the original specimen collected from the south side of the volcano. These are truly a winner. Expect Umbonate caps, consistent flushes and a new strain for your library.

Tosahatchee Spore Print

Tosahatchee is a wild Psilocybe Cubensis originally collected by InoculateTheWest in the cattle fields of Central Florida. It's name Tosahatchee comes from the region it was collected. These spores come from the first domesticated grow of the wild specimen. Basidium Equilibrium found these to be an extremely rewardgin strain to work, and the potency to be beyond any Cubensis he's experienced (MORE POTENT THAN APE).  We are grateful and proud to present to you, Psilocybe Cubensis Tosahatchee. 

Golden Halo Spore Print

Ps. Cubensis that produces gold pigmented spores. One of the most sought after strains on the market, available to you now. 

Ganoderma Oregonense "Reishi" Slant

A wild culture of Ganoderma Oregonense, commonly known as "reishi". Reishi is recognized for both its unique growth variations as well as its medicinal benefits. 

PE7 Spore Swab

PE7 is an isolation of Penis Envy that was kept in circulation due to its unique growth (flower caps) and intense potency. One-of-a-kind PE.

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