Fuzzy Feet and Aerial Mycelium

Written by ITW

December 20, 2020


If you’ve ever grown any species of mushrooms you’ve probably seen what’s called fuzzy feet. What appears to be a white fuzz at the base of the fruiting body are actually called aerial mycelium. This same aerial mycelium can grow all over the fruit, the cake, grain jars, and when stored damp conditions. Aerial mycelium forms in the presence of excess moisture typically in the form of a high Relative Humidity, the mycelium is trying to absorb as much water as it can. The organism is spending more energy not on fruiting, which is probably minuscule, but technically could be a reason to avoid it. The real reason to avoid fuzzy feet is poor FAE (fresh air exchange). Poor FAE can result in lower yield and a higher risk for contamination. If you have ever run into the issue, you’ll know it does nothing to the quality of the fruiting body and nothing to be overly concerned about, especially as a consumer. Hope this can help someone! Mush love❤️🍄

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Costa Rica (Arenal Volcano) Spore Print

A unique Cubensis first collected by LJ on the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. These are the F2 grow by BAS. Expect great and unique variation from these. Third photo is of the original specimen collected from the south side of the volcano. These are truly a winner. Expect Umbonate caps, consistent flushes and a new strain for your library.

Tosahatchee Spore Print

Tosahatchee is a wild Psilocybe Cubensis originally collected by InoculateTheWest in the cattle fields of Central Florida. It's name Tosahatchee comes from the region it was collected. These spores come from the first domesticated grow of the wild specimen. Basidium Equilibrium found these to be an extremely rewardgin strain to work, and the potency to be beyond any Cubensis he's experienced (MORE POTENT THAN APE).  We are grateful and proud to present to you, Psilocybe Cubensis Tosahatchee. 

Golden Halo Spore Print

Ps. Cubensis that produces gold pigmented spores. One of the most sought after strains on the market, available to you now. 

Ganoderma Oregonense "Reishi" Slant

A wild culture of Ganoderma Oregonense, commonly known as "reishi". Reishi is recognized for both its unique growth variations as well as its medicinal benefits. 

PE7 Spore Swab

PE7 is an isolation of Penis Envy that was kept in circulation due to its unique growth (flower caps) and intense potency. One-of-a-kind PE.

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