Mushroom Spore Syringes

Spore syringes from InoculateTheWorld are the pinnacle of magic mushroom genetics. We carry over 50 strains of Psilocybe cubensis spore syringes for all levels of researchers. Every single one of our syringes are packed with high-quality mushroom spores in a sterile aqueous solution. ITW spore syringes are carefully selected to guarantee a robust and reliable genetic pool. Our menu features classic spores such as Golden Teacher, B+, and Blue Meanie, as well as more rare strains like Tidal Wave, True Leucisitc Teacher, and Blue Magnolia Rust.

All psilocybe spore syringe orders are shipped within 24 hours. Whether it’s your first time diving into the complex world of magic mushroom spores or you’ve been at it for a lifetime, InoculateTheWorld is your one-stop-shop for all things spores.

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Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe Overview

What Are Mushroom Spore Syringes?

  Mushroom spore syringes are syringes filled with thousands of mushroom spores floating in a sterile aqueous solution. InoculateTheWorld spore syringes are supplied in 12cc luer-lok sterile syringes with a removable sterile tip cap and a 1.5 inch 16 gauge needle.   Our spore syringes are made by scraping mushroom spores from a spore print into a sterile aqueous solution, commonly distilled water. The liquid solution is then mixed thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of spores throughout the distilled water. The mushroom spore syringes are then filled with the spore solution and caped off until they are ready to be used.    Our whole process is done in a sterile environment in front of a Laminar Flow Hood. Learn more in our article “Spores: A How-To Guide”.   

What Are Psilocybe Spore Syringes Used For?

Psilocybe spore syringes are for research purposes, including taxonomy of different species and strains of mushrooms among other scientific and laboratory purposes. That’s because spore syringes make viewing mushroom spores under a microscope very simple. Simply place a drop of liquid on your glass slide to view thousands of beautiful spores. The best part about spore syringes is that they are easy to work with for both beginners and experts alike. Their only drawback is they have the lowest storage shelf life of our three spore mediums, the others being isolated spore syringes, spore prints, and spore swabs.

How Are ITW Spore Syringes Produced?

Here at InoculateTheWorld, we take great pride in our psilocybe spore syringe production process. That’s why we’ve highlighted all the steps we take to ensure all our customers receive the very best psilocybe spore syringes in our article, “How Our Products Are Made”. Before our spores even get to the lab however, our process stands out because we’re super selective about which mushrooms are chosen to provide spores to share with our loyal customer base. We only use spores from the strongest, most rigorous samples of mushrooms, many of which we forage from the wild ourselves. Similarly, we also know the exact history of all of the mushroom strains we supply spores for, and we would never provide our audience with mushroom syringes without being able to trace the origins of that strain to the exact person who originally foraged and domesticated it. Then, we are even in the process of DNA sequencing all of our magic mushroom spore syringes in partnership with Medicinal Genomics, a genetics science company that tests medicinal plants. That way, we can cross verify every single one of our products on a genetic level, so there’s never any doubt over misrepresentation of the strains of spore syringes that we sell.

What’s The Quality Control Process For ITW Spore Syringes?

When it comes to producing the actual mushroom syringes, we take quality control (QC) extremely seriously to ensure our customers never get stuck with contaminated products, which can be all too common in the mushroom spore industry. Therefore, we devised a QC process to check for contaminants that can take a couple of weeks, but that really gives potential bacteria enough time to thrive and show itself before we release those spore syringes to the public. Plus, our QC process is all done in small batches of 50-100 syringes, which each have their own batch number so our lab and customer service team can protect our community if any of their mushroom syringes ever has problems. The small batches also help us ensure we never send out contaminated products because there’s less room for sneaky bacteria to hide.

Are Magic Mushroom Spore Syringes Legal?

Yes! Because magic mushroom spores don’t contain any psilocybin—the active chemical compound that is a Schedule 1 substance in the United States—the spore syringes are totally legal to possess, sell and use for microscopy and other research purposes. The DEA even recently made this clear in a January 2024 letter stating: “If the mushroom spores (or any other material) do not contain psilocybin or psilocin (or any other controlled substance or listed chemical), the material is considered not controlled.”