Drew’s Mystery Box

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I am not allowed to tell you much. But I can promise you’ll be satisfied.

You are just going to have to trust Drew on this one.

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I am not allowed to tell you much. But I can promise you’ll be satisfied!

You are just going to have to trust Drew on this one.

44 reviews for Drew’s Mystery Box

  1. Julia Howard

    Fun assortment of neat stuff!

  2. penokiee

    Amazing Deal loved the pack!

  3. heyron420

    I definitely was not disappointed. Love ordering the Mystery boxes.

  4. briancolarik

    Will be buying again! Great value and a wonderful assortment. If you have a hard time choosing what to buy, this box is your answer.

  5. jdeezy34

    Pleasantly surprised! Received my package of goodies fast and was super excited to find out what was inside!

  6. briancolarik

    It’s no mystery this is a deal! And it got better the second time I bought the mystery box.

  7. josh4444

    Amazing deal! Just get it!

  8. Flowerteku

    All I can say it’s like Christmas! Trust Drew on this one!

  9. DreamStone

    It was fricken EpIc. Here goes my 2nd order. 🤘

  10. Evan Hoffman

    What a deal. Didnt know what to get, this was by far the best choice.

  11. estradakevin0216

    Like every other comment says if you can’t choose what to get. Highly recommend this. Everything you need and more to begin! Definitely will be ordering again.

  12. DreamStone

    Simply outstanding. I couldn’t have been happier each time but the 2nd Mystery box held a print of which I’ve like been drawn to and awaiting. Amazing people. Amazing products. Thanks 🤘☮️🤘

  13. kayleydiansullivan

    Just got my box today! I love everything! Drew is a good picker =D

    It’s doubtful I will order anything related to mushrooms from anyone but ITW, in the future. This is my 2nd order, and the entire process has been flawless both times.

  14. brianfitz112

    This was badass. Just ordered my second. Thanks big dog

  15. jhicks.flor

    great assortment. ITW is the greatest

  16. russ91762

    My 1st order from this site, ordered the mystery box, and I couldn’t be happier, so much so that next month I will order another one! Thanks!

  17. russ91762

    Take a look at my previous review, I was going to wait a month before ordering again but like a week later I asked myself “why wait?” so, I pulled the proverbial trigger again on another mystery box, it arrived quickly, just like last time, and I didn’t think they could do better than my last order, well they proved me wrong, I was shocked at the variety they gave me, so I can’t disclose what’s in the boxes, but I can say like with a mystery box the only thing you think about until the order arrives is ‘what’s in the box’ sometimes it kept me awake at night just wondering about it, lol. I am a very happy customer, these guys are 100% legit. Thanks ITW team!! Mush luv and gratitude and respect. Rooster

  18. voidraver

    Wow, I just got my box and it is absolutely Fantastic! Can not wait for the next one.

  19. Marissa Small-Towns

    This box is really fun! Might be what I order from ITW going forward. Highly recommend!

  20. Ronald Fugate


  21. Zach

    Trust Drew he knows what he’s doing

  22. Jacob

    Thank you Drew! Can’t wait to do my research. ITW is the best and if you don’t know what to get then definitely get this!

  23. dugjt88

    Beyond worth the money. Do not hesitate to order it

  24. spwilliams8888

    Super cool! Definitely not disappointed. Then again, I never am with ITW.

  25. Crystal_lion

    As a noob at mycology, this box contained two items I had no experience with. A spore print for a highly desirable strain, and swabs from a highly desirable strain that aren’t normally available as liquid cultures or spore syringes. So this box pushed me to up my mycology game. 😉

  26. Brandy Witt

    I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. Thank you Drew for the goodies! I’m a beginner mycologists and you’re helping me learn with this assortment. You rock 💕I will be ordering another box in the near future.

  27. Ryan Johnson

    I’ve been meaning to come back and leave a review. This bundle is the best deal on the site, hands down. You will not be disappointed.

  28. stricklent0106

    get it now! Don’t think about it, you will be satisfied.

  29. Jon Ryan Cole

    If you aren’t sure what to get, let Drew decide! Amazing products. So many things in mystery box. You won’t regret this purchase! Thanks ITW crew.

  30. TheLaughingHyena

    Daang, Drew hooks ya up. Well worth it.

  31. oxtalerecords

    imma first time buyer, i went with pe7 and the mystery box. i’m beyond satisfied. def gotta come back for another mystery box. 11/10 worth it fashooooo

  32. mastavapa420

    WOOOW just wow if you’re even having second thoughts on this I promise you Drew will not steer you wrong. I am more satisfied and will be getting much more of these!

  33. letsdemize

    Super satisfied with my order I had to place a second! If you’re thinking about ordering the mystery box, just do it. It is definitely worth it.

  34. Danielle Guajardo

    Holy smokes! Are you freakin kidding me? This was by far the best mystery box I have ever opened in my entire life! Had everything I needed and everything I didn’t know I needed at the same time! On cloud 9 with this box! Very thought out and a genuine steal! Thank you Drew! You rock man! #ITW

  35. Gr33nhypnotic85

    More than just satisfied… Will definitely be getting another. Thank you Drew and the whole ITW crew 👌

  36. Andrew Cushman

    Amazing experience all around! Totally new to the game and Drews Mystery Box was the way to go. Came with a bunch of goodies and showed me I need to do some more homework! Love it. Can’t wait for the end product!

  37. jimmyhaze

    Very well worth your time. If you are undecided, let Drew pick out a pack of goodies. Very fast shipping, well packaged, and an amazing value.

  38. David Angelucci

    Probably the best mystery box I have ever received! From here on out, I’m only gonna order this!

  39. Rosana Escudero

    Amazing thank you!!

  40. placefacehere

    So happy with the first one I came back for another!

  41. mushroom honey

    Don’t think about it just get it. I’m happy with what i got and will be buying it again.

  42. Joshua Martinez

    Just trust in the box.

  43. Avery Brazier

    I’m agreeing with everyone here, buying Drew’s Box-Of-Awesome, or mystery box if you prefer, is just plain fun. I get excited about what I’m getting. I’m old and I feel like a kid at Christmas. I’m on my 2nd and I plan to get Drew’s box with every order. Merry Christmas to me

  44. Sean Kudelka

    Okay. I don’t know what to do with half of it, but it looks like I enough time to fuck up a few times with all this awesome stuff. Thanks man

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