E4K Isolated Spore Syringe

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This is a new, stabilized isolation of the famed E4K. Unlike our spore syringes and prints of E4K we offer, which will provide varying phenotypes and results, this isolated version is consistent and stabilized in how it performs.

Strain History: As the story goes, In 2016 Texas Cubensis King (TKK), founder of PooGod.com, found a cubensis in an enriched flower bed at his old apartment complex in Texas. It was a unique fruit, and also featured leucistic traits. It was a pale, almost white fruit, and had a very un-natural bulbous stem for a cubensis mushroom. The cap was thick, (like a double cheeseburger as Willy Says), and the stem was solid tissue through and through. It was found in December and printed at Texas Cubensis Kings apartment. TKK shared the news with famed youtube creator Willy Myco, and mailed him the print shortly after. After several months of indoor domestication, Willy sent back all the original prints straight from his lab to TKK’s hands. TKK did a give away for most of the them and held on to a few. TKK still has the first one labeled “1 of 21” and has not touched it yet. A point of interest to many is that Willy ended up isolating fruits that were the exact opposite of what it’s wild mother was. E4K now is a very tall fruitier with small bell shaped caps. E4K stands for extraterrestrial 4th kind, as grey visitors have been reported to visit during their consumption. A wicked potent strain with some cool history.


 Isolated Syringe

 Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether you are just starting out, or are an advanced mycologist, our E4k Isolated syringes are a must have for your collection!

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3 reviews for E4K Isolated Spore Syringe

  1. bowersevan42

    super fast growth 15% colonized within 3 days

  2. JB

    Seems to have some quick, amazing genetics under the microscope.


    Wow let me say, hoping to meet aliens, I didn’t 🙁 but for a first everything turned green lol my hands looked like a aliens hand everything very intense and in a awesome way

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