Enigma Cubensis Isolated Spore Syringe

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Here you have it, the highly sought after Enigma strain in the form of a ready to use 12cc peak Isolated liquid gold syringe. Enigma is an incredibly unique mutation of a standard cubensis strain. In the community there is a universal agreement that enigma is only meant to be traded and gifted. This is one of the most effective strains for enacting change on groups in need – groups we all owe it back to when we support plant medicine. Through a relationship with these hard-to-get genetics, including enigma, we have raised over $7,000 for groups we owe it back to. We turn to the community to ask where you all want proceeds to go, and we change it up from time to time to spread to support.


 Isolated Syringe

 Psilocybe Cubensis

Whether you are just starting out, or are an advanced mycologist, our Enigma Isolated syringes are a must have for your collection!

Why buy these genetics from ITW vs another site? 

  1. Guaranteed Clean spores
  2. High Quality Genetics
  3. Discreet shipping
  4. Unmatched customer support

Buying the enigma strain from InoculateTheWorld is guaranteed to give you a clean, verified, and high quality genetic sample to add to your research library.

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12cc Peak Isolated liquid gold syringes of “Enigma” cubensis strain.

9 reviews for Enigma Cubensis Isolated Spore Syringe

  1. iantplattner

    Yet again another amazing Genetic from ITW

  2. W. Cox

    I feel a little guilty having bought this, as they are meant to be gifted so I’m hoping to get some good mushie karma back by gifting this beautiful strain to a few lucky friends. I say lucky because, WOW! Talk about potent. Enigma from ITW is the fastest colonizer I have ever seen. Fully colonized my quart mason jar within 8 days, and that’s without cleaning anything up with agar. That’s how good ITW’s genetics are. I will never use anyone else until I have bought every strain from ITW because they are the absolute best in the game. Their syringes are clean, lighting fast shipping, and great selection. I will always be back for more. Mush love. ✌️🙏🍄

  3. tobeyseittt

    real deal,this is what your looking for if this is the type of thing your looking for

  4. dugjt88

    fast/ aggressive growth when transferred to agar and lc. Quite impressed.

  5. Alicia Conlon

    Fast shipping time, clean specimen, and growth is VERY fast under a microscope. So glad I found a way to obtain this amazing strain since trading in my area is not realistic! I am excited to purchase more products from ITW.

  6. Yuriy Mysak

    Absolute Beast, fast colonizer, extreme potency. Beauty

  7. camand505

    Never seen such healthy genetics before!

  8. Ryan Hiser

    All genetics I’ve researched from ITW have been FIRE. Beyond excited to get this one started. My research jars are bursting with the healthy, robust colonization you can expect from ITW.

  9. damianquint19

    ITW…. Best customer service ever! Super polite, outstanding products, beautiful intentions. The credibility that seems to move around ITW is phenomenal at least and through personal experience I vouch. Great job guys, I am so exited to begin my studies. What is tested is known is tried and true, to fall into our own understanding is unfortunate futile. The best way to battle through worthlessness is through selflessness. What Enigma will offer me, will offer to the lives I introduce to it creating an invaluable sense of ancient philosophical perspectives. Remember Psalms 23:4

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