Maitake Liquid Culture Syringe


Maitake, scientifically known by: Grifola frondosa, is a delicious edible mushroom that grows bountifully both indoors and outdoors! Commonly known as “hen of the woods”, the maitake mushroom grows naturally on logs in the forest, and are easily reproduced in a farm or hobby grower setting.


Liquid Culture Syringe

Grifola frondosa

InoculateTheWorld Maitake syringes contain 12cc of rigorous maitake mycelium.

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Whether you are just starting out, or are an advanced mycologist, our Maitake Liquid Culture syringes are a must have for your collection!

Why buy these cultures from ITW vs another site? 

  1. Guaranteed Clean liquid culture
  2. High Quality Genetics
  3. Discreet shipping


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