Psilocybe Cubensis Spore Syringe

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Looking for mushroom spores on a budget? Shop all you need in one place with our newest addition to the site.

This psilocybe cubensis spore syringe is a clean, high-quality, budgeted spore syringe. 

Variety: Psilocybe cubensis “magic mushroom”. 

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InoculateTheWorld Spore Syringes are filled with tens of thousands of clean, top quality mushroom spores. Spore syringes are great for beginner mycologists, as well as experts looking to save time.

Check out this video to learn more about magic mushroom spores.




26 reviews for Psilocybe Cubensis Spore Syringe

  1. Eva Baker

    Very good stuff for the price

  2. 3shaunlee3

    Good value for a Great price!

  3. themindspower

    beautiful, thai tanics!

  4. eugetrup

    Good quality, fast shipping, packaged well.

  5. kbassjaxen

    She is doing beautifully. Thank you

  6. Alaura hutchinson

    Beautiful syringe shipping only took 3 days and well worth the anxious wait will definitely be back!

  7. Alaura hutchinson

    Beautiful syringe shipping only took 3 days and well worth the anxious wait will definitely be back

  8. adamccook12

    Nice and understanding workers


    Great choice it came in 2 days and definitely worth the temperature control and it says blue magnolia on the syringe it will look great in my collection

  10. Michael Correa

    Bought 3 and they already touched down I’m impressed and exited to start the new run.

  11. Steven Langston

    I placed my order around 2am on a Friday & received an email that my order was sent at 1pm the same day. Package was delivered on Tuesday..Wow.. I’m very happy with the surprise variety received.

  12. xxxg0t3mxxx

    came in today super fast, can’t wait to try it out! this place is awesome with their prices and shipping also love the stickers too!

  13. xxxg0t3mxxx

    update on the spores, i checked em today and mycelium all over! love it!!!! best ever

  14. tyarnold8085

    Order on a Thursday night. It was processed more or less the same day.ill receive it Saturday. Great service. Will up date after I inoculate.

  15. xxxg0t3mxxx

    one month update i had pins start 1

  16. xxxg0t3mxxx

    1 month update, had pins 1 month after innoculating. they have grown so big in last 2 days!

  17. rahmanzter

    Great quality , fast active stuff ,came really fast too can’t wait to finish

  18. majestic Quinn

    Ordered to start with the basics and what they sent me blew my mind. Best money I’ve spent in a while!!!!

  19. crazy42long

    Great price!

  20. tb87670

    I ordered two of these, both were syringes that said “Texas” on them. Not disappointed at all. The price is fantastic, downside is lack of choice and potentially variety but still high quality.

  21. lonbarees

    the best site there is

  22. lonbarees

    High grade shiii. ITW not playing!

  23. qhaukt

    Awesome! Syringe was sterile, great strain, fast shipping.

  24. Jeff Who

    Came in the mail quick and the quality is great! I recommend buying the non budget spores to support this website more but if you’re broke as a joke like me this is perfect!

  25. Rice

    Came fast even though it was around Christmas time. Wasn’t contaminated and received Malabar coast. just from my first buy i already know these people take their work seriously so next im trying a isolated syringe. worth the buy not even a risk.

  26. W.F.

    I am still waiting to start my research, but i couldn’t wait to give my initial review so that others know to buy here! A week before ordering here, i purchased from another place that has a really decent reputation and the LC was good- but ITW sent an IS with so many spores compared to the other vendor!!! Holy moly! And my newbie butt of course didn’t get it , since I had ordered 2 budget spores … so I reached out and immediately got a response- so that alone, the customer service and the fact that they are generous enough to offer something for the lower budget or just to test- THAT is outstanding- but the fact that they actually tossed in a goodie or swapped one budget product for something better… and of course you can’t expect this and i would have been fine with exactly what I had paid for… but when I saw the amount of spores compared to the other vendor’s PLUS their Customer Service and their pricing and options: yep… I am staying with them!
    I’m just going to assume that if anything goes wrong, it would be because I am a rookie. I have spent two years debating and reading before I decided to just go ahead and try – I hope some of you reading wish me luck or send good vibes… next week I’m inoculating my Easter babies!
    DEFINITELY TRUST ITW to buy spores!!

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