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Tosohatchee is a wild Psilocybe Cubensis originally collected by in the cattle fields of Central Florida. It’s name Tosohatchee comes from the region it was collected by Drew. These spores come from the first domesticated grow of the wild specimen. We found these to be an extremely unique F1 strain to work, and the potency to be beyond any Cubensis our growers have experienced. It has been noted they are MORE POTENT THAN APE, and this was supported when the strain came in third most potent stain tested in the First Psilocybin Cup by Oakland Hyphae.

The story behind the strain: June 22nd 2020, It was a warm summer day. Drew had been searching relentlessly for hours in cow fields neighboring the extremely diverse and robust Tosohatchee wildlife area in Florida. Long ago, Drew learned to follow the cubensis indulging cattle egrets. The egrets’ mushroom habit is responsible for spore dispersal through its fecal excretions. He had been finding mushrooms all day long following the beaked mushroom beacons. After coming across a field that had been completely cleared that was filled with egrets, he learned to find the fields with only a couple. Drew was led to the middle of a field, where he believes the most resilient mushrooms are found due to the increased wind speed and has better safeguards against degradation by the sun. He saw them from a hundred feet away, a cluster of three patties with beautiful 3-5 inch capped saucers standing about 6 inches tall. After taking several spore prints and sending it to some of the best domesticators in the world, BAS came back with a true stunner of a gen F1 domesticated print. After consuming Tosohatchee Mushrooms it was described to be almost if not more potent than Penis Envy’s. A special facebook group was created specifically for people who have purchased these prints for discussion and research purposes. InoculateTheWorld released ‘Tosohatchee Cubensis’ Mushroom Spores in winter of 2020.

Full Genome Sequencing has been performed on ITW Tososhatchee spores, and the strain has been made open-source through the blockchain. By purchasing Tosohatchee spores through ITW, you can be at rest that you are buying the exact DNA you are looking for. This strain cannot be patented, and is owned by you, the people.

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