Psilocybe Tampanensis “Truffle Producer” Isolated Spore Syringe

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First discovered by Stephen Pollock outside of Tampa, FL, in 1977. Wanting to avoid a “boring mycological conference”, Pollock decided to go check out some pastures nearby his hotel. Little did he know, he’d discover the illusive species we all know and love today. Tampanensis is the true philosophers stone. Capable of producing sclerotia, also commonly known as truffles, tampanensis are one of the rarest species on earth to find in the wild. Since the first discovery in 1977, the species has been recorded only once, and that was in the state of Mississippi. Every culture being passed around today is off that initial specimen by Pollock.


 Isolated Syringe

 Psilocybe Tampanensis

Whether you are just starting out, or are an advanced mycologist, our Tampanensis Isolated syringes are a must have for your collection!

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3 reviews for Psilocybe Tampanensis “Truffle Producer” Isolated Spore Syringe

  1. Kelly Rushing

    Amazing products!!

  2. Liam Farley

    Way ahead of the curve w this review. but delivered w care everything looks good, and I would happily order again. as for the genetics (these being truffles) i will see you in 3 month’s

  3. thompsonjustin480

    I’ve been really wanting to give these a good hard long look 😩 can’t wait to get, you guys have amazing genetics!

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