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MJ MEDTECH finished psilocybin extract in vivo animal trials

Written by ITW

November 25, 2020

Two years ago South African company MJ MEDTECH a subsidiary of WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. announced plans to enter psychedelic sector after successful cannabis and CBD endeavors. Tests are now complete for Rat and cell line trials with the focus now being pushed towards analyzing the data and putting it into meaningful words that can show the true applications of psilocybin. They are testing for brain chemistry, inflammation, overall health and long term affects. The goal of these studies is to prove the efficacy of psilocybin as a treatment for mental health (ptsd, depression, anxiety, etc) as well as other physical ailments (high blood pressure, brain inflammation etc). Human trials are now being scheduled in accordance with Covid 19 limitations. They currently have several successful cannabis products and will follow suit with extracts and fruiting bodies  when testing is complete.

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