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Psychedelic Legalization in Colorado

Psychedelic Legalization in Colorado

The 2022 midterms was an important election in many states across the US. However, one of the most interesting issues on the ballot was Colorado’s Proposition 122 to legalize psychedelic plants and fungi. With the passing of Colorado Proposition 122, Colorado became the second state in the country to legalize natural psychedelics after Oregon voted to legalize psilocybin in 2020.

Colorado Proposition 122

Colorado Proposition 122 is a ballot measure that legalizes psychedelic plants and fungi for adults age 21 and older. While psychedelic mushrooms have already been decriminalized in Denver, this new law extends across the whole state of Colorado.

According to the Denver government website, Proposition 122 will also require the state to establish a regulated system for accessing psychedelic mushrooms. This indicates that magic mushroom dispensaries may be opening in Colorado in the near future.   

Alcohol Ballot Measures

In addition Proposition 122, which expands access to plant and fungi based psychedelics, voters in Colorado had several other ballot measures that would make alcohol more accessible. Interestingly, the following ballot measures regarding alcohol sales were voted against and did not pass:  

Colorado Proposition 124

Gradually increases the number of retail liquor store licenses a person may hold until limits are phased out in 2037.

Colorado Proposition 126

Allows retailers to offer third-party delivery of alcohol sales, and makes permanent a current policy allowing restaurants and bars to offer alcohol takeout and delivery.

This means the people of Colorado voted to increase access to psychedelic plants and fungi while they voted against increasing access to alcohol.

Shifting Views

The fact that voters in Colorado chose to allow access to psychedelics but restrict access to alcohol tells us the people of Colorado aren’t simply trying to get intoxicated or “party”; it indicates an increased acceptance of using plant and fungi based psychedelics for medicinal or spiritual purposes. This historic legislation signals a shift in American’s view on psychedelics that will likely continue to spread across other states.

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