Ready for BATTLE OF THE AGAR 4? Here’s everything you need to know about the BOTA4.

What is the BOTA?

BATTLE OF THE AGAR (BOTA) is a friendly competition between peers in the mycology community to show off peoples best work in isolating mycelium on agar. Hosted by @agar.addicts on instagram, BOTA4 will take place on February 12th-13th 2022.

Rhizo growth

BOTA4 Rules

  • All entries MUST be mycelium you yourself germinated and worked from spore, meaning no liquid culture or clone to agar work. (If you are caught violating this rule you will be blocked and permanently banned from any further events)
  • 1 entry/plate per person! (please do not send a picture with multiple plates)
  • Post the entry to YOUR profile tagging @agar.addicts and use the hashtag #BattleOfTheAgar4 (Mandatory)
  • Send a screenshot of your entry in a DM to @agar.addicts
  • Please give all of the judges and sponsors a follow (mandatory)
  • Like and share the BOTA4 post on your story on Instagram

@agar.additcs instagram post for BOTA4 judges

Competition Judging

We are excited to be judging BOTA4 alongside other industry experts: Basidium Equilibrium, Fungi Guru, Picking Fruits, and Willy Myco. First, second, and third place winners will be awarded prizes in one category. In the last Battle Of The Agar, there were two categories split between rhizomorphic and tomentose, which are two different types of mycelial growth. This time around, we will be judging solely on rhizomorphic growth. Each of the five judges will rate each agar plate on a scale of 0-10 and scores will be added up. 

Rhizo Growth


Lots of great prizes from a dozen sponsors will be given away to the winners so make sure you pour up some plates and get to work! May the best mycelium win!

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