Total savings $20 when purchasing the bundle, as compared to purchasing four individual isolated syringes.

4 reviews for 4 Isolated Syringe Bundle Deal

  1. americonofish

    Amazing selection of incredible genetics ITW is the best hands down!!

  2. Joseph Staley

    This is by far the best bang for your buck!! Perfect for those wanting to do some serious research. ITW is simply the best in the market hands down.

  3. dhines4506

    I got this during the sale after the website went down for maintenance, and they gave me a free exclusive spore swab too. Greatest website for shroom stuff.

  4. amus8485

    EXCELLENT quality! Clean, strong, and well packaged products delivered quickly. This was the best deal (for us) and would gladly order again. Thank you all so much for what you do and the fantastic products you deliver. I’ll never order from anywhere else again!

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